- - Sunday, March 20, 2011

Former ‘SNL’ star Victoria Jackson blasts ‘Glee’

Comedian Victoria Jackson, who attended this years Conservative Political Action Conference, made headlines over the weekend for her Friday column onWorldNetDaily.com, “The Muslims Next Door,” in which she criticized the television program “Glee” for continuously promoting a socially liberal lifestyle.

The latest episode of “Glee” included comedian Kathy Griffin playing a tea party-inspired character and two gay male students sharing a much-anticipated kiss.

“Did you see ‘Glee’ this week? Sickening!” Miss Jackson, a former “Saturday Night Live” star, wrote. “And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians — again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of ‘Glee’ — what’s your agenda? One-way tolerance?”

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has previously admitted that the show often casts conservatism in a negative light.

Singer Wyclef Jean was wounded in a shooting in Haiti on Saturday. (Associated Press)
Singer Wyclef Jean was wounded in a shooting in Haiti on Saturday. ... more >

“We’ve taken a couple jabs at the right wing this year,” Mr. Murphy told TV Guide back in June. “So what I want to do with this character is have someone who Christian kids and parents can recognize and say, ‘Oh, look — I’m represented there, too!’ If we’re trying to form a world of inclusiveness, we’ve got to include that point of view as well.”

In the most recent episode of “Glee,” Miss Griffin wore glasses and a red outfit, apparently parodying former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and former Republican Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.

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YouTube ranter leaving UCLA after death threats

Alexandra Wallace, the California undergraduate who apologized for her recent YouTube rant about the “hordes of Asian people that UCLA accepts into our school every single year,” said Friday that she will no longer be attending classes at UCLA.

In a statement to the college newspaper, The Daily Bruin, Miss Wallace said, “the harassment of my family, the publishing of my personal information, death threats and being ostracized from an entire community” has caused her to leave the university.

“In an attempt to produce a humorous YouTube video, I have offended the UCLA community and the entire Asian culture,” Miss Wallace said. “Especially in the wake of the ongoing disaster in Japan, I would do anything to take back my insensitive words. I could write apology letters all day and night, but I know they wouldn’t erase the video from your memory, nor would they act to reverse my inappropriate action.”

On the Sunday after Japan’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake, Miss Wallace went on YouTube to complain about UCLA’s Asian population. She berated Asians for being loud in the library, inviting their families over to do their laundry and for not using “American manners.” Miss Wallace quickly removed her posting from the Internet, but it had already gone viral by that point.

“Hi. In America, we do not talk on our cell phones in the library,” Miss Wallace said in her YouTube video, claiming that Asians often scream into their phones while she is trying to focus on schoolwork in the library. She went on to say, “ohhhhhh ching chong,” mocking a generic Asian language.

Though Miss Wallace expressed racist sentiment in her YouTube video, many critics have responded to her tirade by posting equally disturbing YouTube videos.

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