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“The Blueprint” reminds us compulsory civilian service (“involuntary servitude”) violates the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and that “the worst regimes in the world have had such organizations [the Gestapo and KGB are cited].” Nonetheless, the book acknowledges it is difficult to discuss the matter because such talk conjures up “‘black helicopter’ conspiracy theories.” But when three administration officials, including the president himself, prompt such thoughts by their own words, shouldn’t they be required to spell out exactly what they mean?

Mr. Klukowski and Mr. Blackwell see an administration pushing for international regulation of economic activity and the breakdown of state sovereignty.

On immigration, the authors favor constructive ways in which temporary alien residents can contribute but contend that amnesty for illegals would forever turn America into a socialist state.

They charge the administration is embracing a militant secular culture and seeks (through media control) to “imprison your mind.”

If a conservative is in the White House starting in 2013, given possible retirements and replacements, there is an excellent chance we will get the first solidly conservative Supreme Court since 1936. On the other hand, if Mr. Obama is re-elected, this book predicts “we will not only have the most liberal Court, but it will be the most liberal in history. And we will have this liberal Court for at least a quarter-century.”

If that alone doesn’t galvanize the right, it’s difficult to fathom what will.

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