DALY: Redskins’ quarterback shuffle adds up to lots of losses

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At the very least, Donovan was supposed to buy the Redskins time to groom his successor, was supposed to be what Bill Parcells calls a “hold-the-fort” quarterback. But his struggles in a new offense - behind a leaky offensive line - led to a last-place division finish and this latest QB crisis.

“It’s just like pitchers in baseball,” Parcells says. “The Gaylord Perrys of the world, the knuckleballers like Phil Niekro, this kid pitching for the Phillies now, [Jamie] Moyer - if God’s been good to them, and their bodies hold up, and their arms hold up, some guys have the ability to do that at an older age.

And then other guys, they’re like a truckload of chickens going over a cliff. It’s over.”

With this next quarterback decision, Shanahan has to get the truck back on the road - and headed in a northerly direction.

In fact, for his sake and that of the franchise, it would nice if the 17-year search for a passer who won’t just be a passer-by ended right here, with QB No. 18.

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