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A report made public in December by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence stated that nearly 1-in-4 Guantanamo terrorists who were released resumed terror activities against the United States.

Patch warfare

A non-politically-correct uniform patch is circulating among Navy aviators in an underground military protest.

The patch is not being worn. But it is being passed around digitally, especially on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, whose commander, Capt. Owen Honors, was fired for producing raunchy videos he said were designed to boost morale.

The patch shows a coffin holding a carrier jet’s landing tailhook with the inscription: “1911-2011: It was a good ride.” The decidedly unofficial patch says, “No cursing. No call signs. No tradition.”

Jon Ault, a retired Navy fighter pilot, told special correspondent Rowan Scarborough the patch is not just a protest against the firing of Capt. Honors.

He said it shows general dislike for political correctness taking over mixed-sex ready rooms. He said aviators have to watch everything they say for fear of facing a sexual-harassment complaint.

“They won’t wear this patch openly because they know the PC Nazis are gunning for them,” Mr. Ault said. “But you can bet your bumpas that this patch is circulating virally through the ready rooms of our carriers and hangars around the world.”