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“It is clear violent actions taken by the Mexican drug cartels have evolved and are acts of terrorism. These cartels should be classified as terrorist organizations … Historically, Mexican drug cartels have been considered criminal organizations, the purpose of which has been financial gain. But with increased brutality targeted toward government officials, law enforcement officers, and civilians, the cartels motivated goals have evolved beyond just monetary gain, and now include more violent activities to achieve political, economic and geographic influence.”

“By placing the Mexican drug cartels on the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list our law enforcement officers would have additional authorities to limit the cartels financial, property, and travel operations. Additionally, such a designation would apply to an entire organization, not only its leaders. It is in the interest of the United States and Mexico to prosecute individuals conducting such brutal acts of terror occurring almost daily across our border.”

- A letter to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton from Republican Reps. Peter T. King of New York, chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security; Michael T. McCaul of Texas, Mike Rogers of Alabama, Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, Dan Burton of Indiana, Sue Wilkins Myrick of North Carolina, and Brian Bilbray of California.

Copies also went to Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr..


• 73 percent of Americans blame the federal budget deficit on “spending too much on federal programs.”

• 91 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of Democrats agree.

• 22 percent overall say “not raising enough money in taxes” is the cause of the deficit.

• 7 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats agree.

• 48 percent overall say the deficit should be remedied “only” or “mostly” with spending cuts.

• 72 percent of Republicans and 28 percent of Democrats agree.

• 37 percent overall say the deficit should be remedied with equal spending cuts and tax increases.

• 22 percent of Republicans and 50 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A Gallup poll of 1,001 U.S. adults conducted April 20-23.

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