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The Washington Times is absolutely right about President Obama’s plan to blow $53 billion “on a trip down memory lane” (“Fiscal responsibility derailed,” Comment & Analysis, Tuesday). Speaking of memory lane, have you checked out the film version of “Atlas Shrugged”? After recently watching “The Fountainhead,” the 1949 film with Gary Cooper, I was not expecting much from this latest Ayn Rand novel film adaptation. Unfortunately, Rand pretty much took control of the screenplay and killed the movie version of “The Fountainhead.”

How could the producers of the new “Atlas Shrugged” possibly make the film current using railroad trains? Well, they did. Just jack the gas price up to $4 a gallon, turn all U.S. cities into inner-city Detroit and trains make sense again. I was amazed how little effort it took to make that novel current on the big screen.

I do not expect the movie to have much impact, however. Most young people would just be confused and Mr. Obama probably thinks “Atlas Shrugged” is a book about trains.



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