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Eight months ago, the business coach for real estate agents and mortgage brokers started taking Mr. Devine’s SEAL training class to prepare for the 50-hour camp.

On a recent afternoon, Mr. Stumpf kept stride with men half his age as they race-walked a half-mile down an Encinitas street, lugging up to 70 pounds in weights in each hand. At one point, Mr. Stumpf stopped and dropped his 55-pound kettlebells to the ground, letting out a grunt and sigh of total exhaustion. As the others fast approached, he picked them up again and made it across the imaginary finish line.

“If you really want to find out what’s happening in Afghanistan, you want to get a taste of it and you’re never going to be over there to do it, but you might be admiring what’s going on, you can come here and get a little taste,” he said. “I like that I’m getting to taste something that a lot of men are putting their life on the line for. I encourage men my age to go for it. To push it, push it all farther than they ever have. Taste what they teach.”

Mr. Stumpf said the timing of the SEAL mission coinciding with his training has made his pride over the historic event feel much more personal.

“I got phone calls from all my colleagues that know I’m doing this and they were like, ‘Hey man, you guys did it!’ ” he said, laughing. “Well, I’m like ‘I’m not a SEAL!’ But I’ll take it. So I put the shirt on that day, you know.”

He added with a chuckle that at least “I’ve got the T-shirt!”