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He’ll have to re-familiarize himself with a culture of sustained success and not bring the wild swings from Georgia Tech, which posted win totals of 13, 23, 12, 15, 20, 11 and 20 the past seven seasons.

This isn’t to suggest that Hewitt can’t or won’t maintain the standard Larranaga established. Notwithstanding recent struggles, his overall resume is impressive enough.

But the Final Four trip doesn’t automatically make Hewitt more impressive than, say, a mid-major coach who has won a lot this decade, or an assistant at a major program that’s been a consistent winner. Such candidates could’ve been fine successors, too - arguably better in some cases.

I know what O'Connor was thinking. He made a safe choice. I’m just not sure yet whether it was a great choice.

That’s no indictment of Hewitt, though.

We never know how these hires will work out until after the fact.