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On Monday, the former boyfriend of Sharon Bialek — one of Cain’s accusers — said the then-couple spent an evening with Cain in the 1990s. That countered the GOP presidential candidate’s earlier statements that he never met the woman.

“Sharon indeed did meet and spend time with Mr. Cain,” said Victor Jay Zuckerman, a Louisiana pediatrician.

In turn, Cain’s attorney, Lin Wood, insisted that his client “doesn’t recall Ms. Bialek.”

Cain, in earlier statements, said he had seen Bialek “for the very first time” last week when she publicly accused him of groping her in 1997.

“As I sat in my hotel room with a couple of my staff members, as they got to the microphone, my first response in my mind and reaction was, I don’t even know who this woman is. Secondly, I didn’t recognize the name at all,” Cain said.

Later, Cain added: “I don’t even know who this woman is. I tried to remember if I recognized her and I didn’t.”

It wasn’t just the allegations of sexual harassment Cain had had to explain.

He’s also been forced to answer for his colorful statements about women.

During a debate last week, Cain likened Pelosi to royalty for blocking efforts to repeal Democrats’ health care overhaul as House speaker. After the debate, Cain said he “probably should not have made” that comment.

Not long after that, Cain found himself defending a joke he made about Hill, who famously accused then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

Cain said he was approached at a recent event by a supporter who said Hill was trying to contact him.

“And my response was ‘Is she going to endorse me?’” Cain said Friday on WGDJ-AM Albany, N.Y. “He said it in a humorous way. I gave back a humorous response. It was in no way intended to be an insult toward Anita Hill or anybody else.”

In a lighthearted interview with GQ magazine, Cain couldn’t resist when asked what ice cream flavor would best describe Bachmann, the Minnesota congresswoman running against him.

“Tutti-frutti,” he said, adding, “I know I’m going to get in trouble!”

With voting near, Cain has little choice but to try to fix the problem with female voters.

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