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“It was about getting back to the basics of where you come from,” fullback Alexander Teich said. “Sometimes you get outside that with wins and success. You start tasting a little of that, and you start forgetting who you are as a team.”

Such amnesia can also happen with prolonged losing, which Tuani said he could sense last month. But as the Mids attempt to cap their November to remember with a third straight win, Navy’s defensive captain is optimistic he and his teammates have rediscovered themselves for good.

“I feel like if you let that linger on your team — and I think that’s what happened on some of those weeks, without a doubt — it really affects you,” Tuani said. “If it affects one person, it can start to spread throughout the team, and it can really start to crumble your season. I’m glad our guys started to embrace what Navy football is about.”