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Lohan will have to serve 423 hours at the county morgue, where for nearly two weeks she has been mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and washing dirty sheets. She will also have to attend 18 psychotherapy sessions between now and March after missing several in recent months.

The judge noted that Lohan’s popularity in certain circles is low, saying another women’s shelter refused to accept her for a community service assignment because she was considered a bad example for the women.

Lohan’s previous probation officer also wanted off the case, and the new officer is under orders to immediately report any violations directly to Sautner.

The actress has now been sentenced to county jail five times since being arrested twice for drunken driving in 2007, and each of her incarcerations has been shortened due to overcrowding.

Her current court troubles came after she was terminated from the shelter program after failing to show up nine times at the center. She told her probation officer the assignment was not fulfilling, according to a probation report. Sautner had sent Lohan to the facility in downtown Los Angeles, thinking that it might benefit the actress.

Now the judge says all of Lohan’s community service hours will be spent at the morgue.

That assignment has not been without drama. She was turned away the first day after showing up 40 minutes late but has shown up early several times since then. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter declined Tuesday to characterize how Lohan’s service was progressing.

Sautner told Lohan that the coroner’s office was unhappy with her posting Twitter updates about her experience and that she should stop. In turn, the judge said she told the agency not to hold any press conferences about Lohan, as they had done on the day she was turned away.

Lohan’s probation on her four-year-old drunken driving case was extended until March, and she remains on probation in the necklace theft case until 2014.

Sautner said the restrictions may be lifted early if Lohan completes her service and counseling before the court’s deadlines.


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