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Rhoads said it was one of the two worst games the Cyclones have played in his three years, the other being a 68-27 loss to Utah last season. He also said the poor performance can’t be blamed entirely on quarterback play.

“Absolutely there were other elements,” he said. “But the quarterback is still the pivotal player on the field. He touches the ball every snap. He’s making decision with the ball in his hand. Did we miss blocks to create second and 14? You bet we did. Did we run incorrect routes on third down to not allow the quarterback to throw a ball where he should? Sure we did.

“But it’s just the nature of that position that you’re going to get the most credit or the most critique when things aren’t going as proficiently as they need to.”

Rhoads reminded reporters that Jantz still has a sore left foot from an injury in the Connecticut game. Jantz said the injury hampers his maneuverability, but he has to deal with it.

“That’s just the way it is,” he said. “I can’t use it as an excuse. I just have to figure out a way to execute with maybe not being as fast as I’d like to be.”