- - Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Drug-resistant TB spreading fast in Europe

LONDON — The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday released a new plan to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis across Europe by diagnosing 85 percent of all patients and treating at least 75 percent of them by the end of 2015.

Only about 32 percent of patients with drug-resistant TB in Western Europe are properly treated; many stop taking their medicines before the treatment course is complete, allowing the bug to develop resistance.

According to WHO, the nine countries with the world’s highest rates of drug resistance in new tuberculosis patients are in Europe, including Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

The agency’s plan will cost $5 billion and is intended to save about 120,000 lives and $12 billion worth of diagnosis and treatment expenses by 2015.


Rain compounding misery for flood victims

BADIN — Stranded by floodwaters, army soldier Mohammed Hameed was unable to get to the graveyard to bury his 5-year-old daughter when she succumbed to diarrhea.

He laid her to rest in his courtyard - one of the latest victims of floods that have returned to Pakistan this year, leaving some 200,000 homeless and triggering another international aid effort.

The scale of the disaster and the aid response is much less than last year, but the misery for those affected is just as real. The floods began early last month, but heavy rains have compounded them recently and hampered relief efforts.

On Tuesday, thousands of men, women and children lined the main road in Badin, the worst-hit district about 124 miles from Karachi, the country’s largest city. Some were sitting under plastic sheets held up by the branches of trees.


Bus-train crash kills 7, injures 162

BUENOS AIRES — A train slammed into a bus trying to beat it across the railroad tracks during rush hour in the Argentine capital Tuesday, ramming the vehicle into a platform and then striking another locomotive head-on.

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