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Police said Thomas ran when officers tried to search his bag. A struggle followed when they tried to arrest him for investigation of possession of stolen goods.

Video from a bystander’s cellphone taken from a distance showed parts of the bloody encounter in which Thomas can be heard screaming for his father.

Surveillance video aboard a bus showed agitated passengers telling the driver that officers beat and repeatedly used a stun gun during the arrest.

After the incident, the police chief went on medical leave, and the embattled City Council hired a law enforcement expert to investigate police department practices.

Incensed community members held demonstrations and started an effort to recall the mayor and two council members over the incident.

Ron Thomas filed a claim seeking damages from the city.

He previously released his son’s medical records showing his son suffered broken bones in his face, choked on his own blood and repeatedly was shocked with two stun guns.

News reports show Cpl. Cincinelli left the Los Angeles Police Department after losing an eye in 1996 while working as a probationary officer.

Cpl. Cincinelli, who was 25 at the time, was shot during an on-duty gunfight during a traffic stop less than three weeks after graduating from the Police Academy, according to news accounts.

Associated Press writers Gillian Flaccus in Orange County and Thomas Watkins in Los Angeles contributed to this report.