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Helu believes that he and Hightower attack the hole the same way, and the results to this point back that up. Both set themselves apart from other running backs during the preseason, and they each had a run longer than 50 yards in the second preseason game.

“I’d say our track speed is different, so thats the main thing that really throws someone off,” Helu said. “Tim could be at the tackle at a point, and I could be outside of a tackle or vice versa. Because our tracks are a little bit different, how we run, we might have an advantage there.”

When Helu was on the sideline watching Hightower on Sunday, he also monitored how the Cardinals linebackers defended certain plays. When he got into the game, he had an idea of what to expect. A 3-4 defense, such as Arizonas and Dallas, tries to turn plays back inside to the linebackers, he said.

Hightower, meanwhile, was energized by watching Helu.

“From a personal standpoint, its the competition,” Hightower said. “As much as I want to play as much as I can, its good sometimes to have somebody come in and give you a spell, somebody who you can learn from. You can see how the defense is playing and the mistakes that I made, and I can see the mistakes that he made and we can kind of feed off each other. Its going to equal success.”