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“Flash: Dallas _ Two priests summoned to Kennedy in emergency room,” one line reads, followed by “Flash: President Kennedy died at 1 p.m. (CST).”

The show closes with a nod to Madonna. In 1985, Warhol teamed up with Keith Haring to make a wedding gift for their friend before her marriage to Sean Penn. They replaced a New York Post image on the front page with a picture of the couple under the headline: “Madonna on nude pix: So What!”

At the Hirshhorn, curators timed the “Shadows” exhibit to coincide with the “Headlines” show, as well as a film festival and other events.

Warhol created his colorful “shadows” in 1979 as a play on abstract expressionism, Hankins said. He did it his own way, though, painting his silkscreen images with a mop. That began nearly 10 years of other abstract works.

“I’ve come to realize we’re just beginning to understand this prolific artist’s work,” Donovan said. “I’ll never be able to glance casually at the tabloids in the grocery store again.”


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