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McCotter ends presidential bid

Rep. Thaddeus G. McCotter of Michigan is ending his long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

Mr. McCotter’s congressional office says he will support former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and likely will run again for his House seat representing suburban Detroit.

Mr. McCotter is a conservative who was first elected to Congress in 2002. His presidential bid gained little traction after he entered the contest in July.

He failed to gain enough support to be included in Republican debates and finished last in a field of 11 Republicans in the Iowa straw poll in August.

Mr. McCotter pushed for reforms to Social Security and a harder line with China during his campaign.

His decision was first reported by the Detroit News.


$2.4 million fine proposed against Cessna

The Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday it wants to fine the Cessna Aircraft Co. $2.4 million because the company’s failure to follow quality-control procedures caused a 7-foot section of the wing of a high-performance plane to detach during a test flight, among other problems.

One of the agency’s pilots was conducting a test flight of the four-seat, single-engine Corvalis in December when a portion of the wing skin made from composite materials unbonded from the forward spar and damaged a fuel tank, the FAA said. A spar is a beamlike structure inside the wing and is a principal load-bearing component.

The pilot made an emergency landing at an airport in Independence, Kan.

An investigation found that excessive humidity at a Cessna manufacturing plant in Chihuahua, Mexico, prevented the bonded materials used to make the wing from curing properly, the FAA said. Thirteen of the planes were ordered grounded.

Cessna failed to follow its quality-control system when it manufactured the wings on the damaged airplane, as well as 82 additional parts, in the Chihuahua factory, the agency said. The manufacturer has since made improvements to the plant, the FAA said.


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