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Jackson’s personal chef, Kai Chase, testified Thursday about seeing a panicked Murray come into the kitchen the day of Jackson’s death and telling her to summon security and send up Jackson’s eldest son Prince. The chef said she sent the boy upstairs, but didn’t call security.

Five to 10 minutes after Chase said she saw Murray in the kitchen, the doctor called Williams, who dispatched security to Jackson’s bedroom.

On Friday, jurors are expected to hear from a pair of paramedics who were dispatched to Jackson’s mansion and tried resuscitation efforts.

The medics believed Jackson was already dead by the time they arrived, but Murray insisted the performer be taken to a hospital for additional resuscitation efforts.

Walgren asked whether anything good had happened to Alvarez as a result of his experience in Jackson’s bedroom.

“No sir,” Alvarez responded.

Media outlets offered him up to $500,000 for interviews, but Alvarez said he always refused. “It’s caused a lot of financial problems,” he said, starting to choke up. “I went from a great salary to hardly anything.”


Associated Press writer Greg Risling contributed to this report.


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