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Concert: Lambchop

Nashville’s Lambchop is a strange band. It’s been around, in various forms, since 1986. The “various forms” part is key to understanding exactly what the band does. Lead singer and frontman Kurt Wagner is the only permanent member. The rest of the band comes and goes like the seasons. The result is a massive back catalog — 11 studio albums, eight live albums, five compilations, four EPs, three cassette releases — that covers the musical map: pop, lounge, country, rock, alt-country. The only consistent things about the band are Mr. Wagner’s smoky, almost monarchic, vocals, and the quality of the music, which is contemplative, melodic, rich and often melancholy. Not even diehard fans know all of the band’s songs, so you won’t be alone as a listener if you’ve never heard even a single Lambchop track.

Sunday at Iota Club & Cafe, 2832 Wilson Blvd., Arlington

Phone: 703/522-8340


Festival: Filmfest DC

This year’s international film festival will feature films in three categories: international comedies, flicks about social justice and movies made in the Caribbean. While there are more films to see than we could possibly highlight here, as well as talks by directors and nominal stars from every category, we’ll throw a bone to the Canadian comedy “If I Were You,” featuring the incomparably good and criminally undercast Marcia Gay Harden. In “If I Were You,” Miss Harden strikes a deal with another woman that the two will do whatever it takes to help the other fix her life. The comic intrigue comes from the fact that Miss Harden’s newfound friend is sleeping with Miss Harden’s husband, yet doesn’t know that the man with whom she’s having an affair is married to Ms. Harden. Awkward laughs abound.

Through April 22 at various theaters.


After almost dying — or rather, thinking he was dying — of tropical pneumonia during a family vacation in the Dominican Republic, author A.J. Jacobs decided to write his next book about his attempt “to become as healthy as humanly possible.”