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Since “Smash” started airing, Borle’s profile has exploded and he now gets recognized on the street. “The nice thing is people don’t tend to stop you to say terrible things,” he says with a laugh.

He’ll be on hand later this summer when the show starts filming its second season. “The only thing I know for sure is that it will still be about musicals. Beyond that, I think we’re all excited to see where it’s going to go.”

He says that while he might explore more TV or film, his heart will always be with the theater. Borle loves the discipline and the ritual of stagework, the camaraderie and having the immediacy of the audience response every night. He stays grounded by calling home.

“The greatest gift and excitement of all of this sudden ubiquity _ “Smash” and this show and everything _ is being able, at the end of the day, to call my mother and say, `So this is what happened today,’” says Borle. “She’s so over the moon and so ecstatic. So it’s fun to be able to share every little tidbit.”

Might he even be worried about overexposure? He smiles at the thought: “That just seems like a really high-class problem,” he says. “It’s a nice question to be asked as an actor. My goal was to just work.”




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