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Among the dozens who gave to Ms. Alexander that same day were employees of Mr. Thompson’s health plan as well as KMJ Development and RapidTrans Inc., both Thompson-controlled entities.

Eugenia Harris also gave that day, and her name is on the federal subpoena sent last month to D.C. lawmakers requesting campaign finance records related to Mr. Thompson, his associates and business ventures as part of the ongoing probe.

In a more recent example, Nursing Enterprises gave $1,000 to D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray on June 10, 2010, the same day he received donations from, among others, Belle International and Details International, both of which were listed in the subpoenas sent to D.C. lawmakers.

Months earlier, Nursing Enterprises donated $1,000 to former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, who lost to Mr. Gray and who raised donations for others who have been tied to Mr. Thompson.

Overall, Nursing Enterprises has given $13,500 to D.C. politicians over the years, with Ms. Gomez personally donating another $2,500, according to D.C. Office of Campaign Finance records.

Federal campaign disclosures show Ms. Gomez also has donated more than $5,000 to congressional and presidential races. Still, they are hardly the only donors contributing to some of the same candidates Mr. Thompson has helped bankroll.

A North Carolina consulting firm and its founder, Bruce Cromartie, have donated more than $10,000 to D.C. political races since 2006. The firm’s website lists D.C. Chartered Health as a client.

Another company, Beacon Health Strategies, based in Massachusetts, and its executives have given more than $10,000 in contributions combined.

Beacon and Chartered Health announced a strategic partnership in 2008, whereby Beacon would administer behavioral health benefits for Chartered Health.

Closer to home, Ian’s Hair Studio on Capitol Hill, along with its owner, Ian Thorne, also have made contributions tied to fundraising by Mr. Thompson. WAMU-Radio reported last month that the land where the hair studio is located is owned by Mr. Thompson.