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She has been widely praised for her fashion choices and her emphasis on British designers — many of the outfits she chooses become immediate favorites, selling out within hours.

With William by her side, she rendered celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon star-struck on a whirlwind tour of California shortly after the wedding, but also struck a chord at the less-highbrow Calgary Stampede wearing tight jeans, a cowboy hat and large belt buckle.

The duchess has also had to select charities to patronize, mindful of the causes her husband’s late mother, Princess Diana, pursued.

She’s been photographed hugging cancer patients and doing arts and crafts with young Britons. The charities she now supports have praised her approachability and dedication.

That dedication was put on display when William was deployed to the Falkland Islands for several weeks earlier this spring.

As William proudly served his country, the duchess delivered her first public address — noting in her brief but confident delivery that she was sorry her husband could not join her.

Kate might consider giving some advice to her younger sister on media management. While the duchess has generated some of the most positive royal press in years, Pippa Middleton made some unpleasant headlines this month when she was photographed in a car in Paris with a driver who pretended to point a gun at photographers. The gun was later said to be a toy.

Still, when the royal couple marks their anniversary on Sunday, the ever-present question that trails many newlyweds will be right there with them: When will baby make three?