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But Mr. Singleton was still not finished.

He gushed over Mr. Obama’s signature “of the most comprehensive health care legislation in history.”

All of this heroism and courage and success by Mr. Obama and he is still not appreciated by Republicans. “Really,” he wondered aloud, “Who would want this job in the first place.”

Before consummating the relationship with a leg-tingling handshake on stage and expressing his “honor” to be in the presence of Mr. Obama, Mr. Singleton issued a warning about the coming presidential election.

“We thought the 2008 White House race was rough and tumble,” he said. “The 2012 race makes it look like bumper cars by comparison as our country has become even more polarized.”

Well, is it any wonder we are so “polarized” considering how America’s “news” hounds — our most trusted guardians of fairness and truth — have gone completely into heat and jumped into bed with Mr. Obama?

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