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25 Adam LaRoche

Age: 32 - B/T: L/L

Maintaining health is the key for LaRoche, who could be a valuable piece for a Nationals lineup that missed his left-handed presence last year.

18 Danny Espinosa

Age: 24 - B/T: S/R

His up-and-down rookie season in the books, Espinosa’s consistency will be key now that he’s entrenched at second base and in the No. 2 spot in the lineup.

6 Ian Desmond

Age: 26 - B/T: R/R

As the leadoff hitter, Desmond knows his role in the Nationals’ offense this season is integral and his improvement will be key to the team’s improvement as a whole.

11 Ryan Zimmerman

Age: 27 - B/T: R/R

Fully healthy and with his contract settled once and for all, the Nationals will look for a return to All-Star status for the Face of the Franchise.

7 Mark DeRosa

Age: 37 - B/T: R/R

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