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NEW YORK A crane that came off its base and crashed to the ground at a Manhattan construction site killed one worker and injured four others.

The worker who died was identified by police as 30-year-old Michael Simmermeyer of Burlington, N.J.

Officials say he was pronounced dead after the accident at the site of the No. 7 subway line extension. One other person was hospitalized in serious condition. Three other people were treated for minor injuries.

Jack Sullivan, deputy chief for the Fire Department of New York’s Emergency Medical Service, said it was possible one of the workers had been struck by the crane’s boom. The crane operator and someone who worked with him were among those who were injured.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation.


Surfer bitten by shark says he will be back

WAIALUA | The surfer bitten by a 10-foot shark off Hawaii says the ordeal won’t keep him out of the water.

Joshua Holley got 42 stitches on his left foot and will need surgery to repair severed tendons. But he told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that he plans to return to the waves as soon as doctors say it’s OK.

Mr. Holley was recovering at home Wednesday, a day after what he thinks was a tiger shark chomped on his foot as he surfed off Oahu’s North Shore. Mr. Holley said he punched the shark and paddled to shore with help from two other surfers.

Warning signs have been posted at several beaches.


Lingering flight delays in tornado aftermath

DALLAS Thousands of travelers are still facing delays and canceled flights at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport a day after massive storms packing tornadoes rolled through north Texas.

The flight-tracking service FlightAware estimated that cancellations affected 50,000 travelers on Tuesday and 30,000 on Wednesday.

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