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To prevent future incidents of this nature, Mr. Capus said NBC News’ broadcast standards department is working to formalize the network’s editorial safeguards. The department is holding meetings with various NBC News shows and specialized units. Mr. Capus, too, will reinforce what the network learned in its internal investigation through meetings with NBC executives.

O’Donnell, Aykroyd to visit ‘Happily Divorced’

If there’s one thing that TV Land sitcoms are known for besides their old-school laughs, it’s their genius stunt casting of television favorites.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fran Drescher’s show, “Happily Divorced,” has booked two TV greats - Rosie O’Donnell and Dan Aykroyd - to appear on separate episodes slated for the end of May.

Ms. O’Donnell will play Katie O’Grady, an old high school friend of Fran (Ms. Drescher) and Judi (Tichina Arnold) who arrives to help Fran learn a lesson about her relationship with her overbearing mother Dori (Rita Moreno). Meanwhile, Mr. Akyroyd plays a potential love interest - described as “charming and successful” - that Fran’s ex Peter (John Michael Higgins) sets up for her.

“Happily Divorced” is currently airing its second season at 10:30 p.m. Wednesdays. The season finale is set for June 6.