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“The people that dictate well ‘We’ll play behind in the third inning,’ and think we’re going to quit competing they’re sadly mistaken. They can come after me, but my players are going to keep competing. I’ve been down that road. And clubs that are losing clubs, that’s the way they want to play: You quit trying so we can catch up. I don’t buy into it. End of story.”

Each time the Nationals have faced the Giants this season it’s been billed as a match-up of two first-place teams. This one was a pitchers duel between Gonzalez and Vogelsong, but that was quickly squashed. And in the four games they’ve played thus far, including a three-game sweep in D.C., the Nationals have hardly given the Giants a chance.

Instead, they just kept rolling.

“(We have to) stay humble, stay grounded, get better each day and not get caught up in what we’ve done,” Zimmerman said. “There’s still a long, long ways to go and a lot of season left. We have to continue to get better each day and learn from the mistakes we make. Hopefully at the end of the year, we’ll be where we want to be.”