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The assistance, according to the State Department’s latest report on terrorism, may be starting to show some results in Somalia.

But across Africa, the number of terrorist incidents increased by about 11 1/2 percent last year, including in Nigeria.

The new report comes as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has begun a series of visits across the continent.


Country celebrates final payments on $2.3B bond

BUENOS AIRES — Bond payoffs are supposed to be boring, but Argentina’s president is celebrating Friday’s final $2.3 billion payment on a bond given to people whose savings were confiscated a decade ago, suggesting it is a lesson for European countries now mired in foreign debt.

The nation’s economic disaster a decade ago left thousands with a grim choice after the government seized their dollar-denominated deposits to stop runs on the banks. They could switch to devalued pesos and regain access to what was left of their savings, or accept a piece of paper promising to repay the money in dollars over the next 10 years.

Few had any faith in the government’s promises back then. Argentina had just defaulted on more than $100 billion in foreign debt, banks were shuttered, the economy was in ruins and streets were filled with pot-banging protesters whose chants of “throw them all out” would send five presidents packing.

But Argentina has mostly paid up after all, making good on 92.4 percent of that defaulted debt so far, including $19.6 billion in U.S. currency over the years to cancel the Boden 2012 bond. Most of the hard-luck investors later sold the bonds at a loss, but as the government makes its last $2.3 billion payment on Friday, the few stalwarts who kept the faith have been made whole, while earning a modest 28 percent profit over the years.


Tourists in Sinai urged to return home

JERUSALEM — Israel is urging its citizens traveling in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula to return immediately amid warnings of an attack.

The travel warning was based on information alleging terrorist groups from the Gaza Strip are operating in the area and planning to attack or kidnap Israeli tourists.

Thursday’s travel warning was issued by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

Once a popular destination for Israeli tourists, Sinai has become increasingly lawless since the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak last year.

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