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Mr. Wise was an exemplary husband without a hint of domestic violence, Mr. Henderson said. Court records showed no serious charges against him.

Mr. Wise never went out with the guys at night, instead staying home with his wife, Mr. Henderson said. He said Mr. Wise never wanted to become disabled in a nursing home and mentioned that Barbara Wise felt the same way.
“You wouldn’t meet a more loving husband,” he said.

Emergency personnel responded to the Wises’ home in Massillon on July 28, a week before the shooting, for a medical call that involved advanced life support, including oxygen and a heart monitor.

A man, apparently Mr. Wise, told an emergency dispatcher that his wife was vomiting and not responding. “My wife is having some sort of a spasm or attack,” the man said, giving the couple’s address. “Hurry.”

Mr. Wise was hospitalized right after the shooting and later taken into custody wearing a hospital gown, police said Wednesday. It was not clear why he was hospitalized, a police spokesman said.

• AP writer John Seewer contributed to this report.