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The woman’s story is featured in an ad by Priorities USA Action, a group aligned with President Obama.

Conservatives criticized Mr. Romney’s campaign. The Massachusetts plan requires people to buy health insurance, a policy also in Mr. Obama’s national law. Mr. Romney has avoided discussing his health plan on the campaign trail, though he says it was the right plan for Massachusetts.


New prosecutor position focuses on whistleblowers

The Justice Department’s inspector general has appointed an experienced federal prosecutor to ensure that whistleblower complaints are addressed quickly and thoroughly and that investigations of retaliation claims are monitored closely.

As whistleblower ombudsman for Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, Robert Storch will work within the Justice Department to educate employees about the importance of whistleblowers in uncovering waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement.

Mr. Horowitz said that through the newly created position, department officials will be alerted to the possible repercussions of retaliation against whistleblowers. Mr. Horowitz said the ombudsman will serve as a liaison to other federal agencies with whistleblower responsibilities and to private whistleblower advocacy groups.

Mr. Storch has been a federal prosecutor for 25 years.


Federal court upholds state’s marriage law

HONOLULU — A federal judge Wednesday upheld Hawaii’s marriage laws as constitutional, saying changes to permit same-sex marriage should be made by lawmakers or a vote of the people.

In his decision, U.S. District Judge Alan Kay said the state had legitimate reasons for its marriage laws and the court should not “pre-empt” the democratic process of deciding whether or not to authorize same-sex marriage.

The case was brought by two lesbians and a gay man who said their federal constitutional rights to marry were violated by Hawaiian marriage laws, including a voter-passed constitutional amendment that says only lawmakers can define marriage. The lawsuit also challenged Hawaii’s new civil-union law.

The Hawaii Family Forum defended the marriage laws. But Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie agreed with the gay plaintiffs, and the state attorney general had to both support the lawsuit and defend the laws on behalf of defendant Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy, who supported the marriage laws.

“The people of Hawaii adopted a constitutional amendment to uphold marriage, and the court rightly concluded that the democratic process shouldn’t be short-circuited by judicial decree,” said Dale Schowengerdt, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, which represented the Hawaii Family Forum.

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