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Children and teens could get away with something a little more outrageous; they have a knack for making kitschy cool, said Tara Ryan, head of design for Mini Boden. “Tween girls, especially, really like quite cheesy things done in an amusing and clever way. They like the scale to be unexpected or add an unexpected twist. They maybe would wear reindeer antlers [on their sweaters] instead of the reindeer face.”

Younger children seem partial to sweaters covered with woodland creatures, including foxes, owls and birds, she reported, and while boys like the traditional colors, girls like shine and bright shades.

So many girls seem to have motorcycle-style boots in their closets, too, and they are the perfect counterbalance to the seasonal sweater — no matter what your age, Ms. Ryan said.

Pam Williams, a member of Stand Up to Cancer’s Executive Leadership Council, said the organization jumped on sweaters because people are “sporting these once-shunned garments with pride.”

She calls them “everyone’s favorite holiday trend.”

Be mindful of the company you might be keeping, however. You want it to be interpreted with the good humor you intended.

Pull out the sweater on your way to a holiday brunch, a lunch with girlfriends or a family gathering, not the office party or dinner at your husband’s boss’s house.