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He insisted that President Obama is “deeply committed to the defense of Israel,” despite reports that the president repeatedly was dismissive of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Republican challenger Mitt Romney was welcomed warmly on a visit to Israel during the presidential campaign, but Mr. Oren said Mr. Netanyahu greeted Mr. Romney as he welcomed Mr. Obama when he visited Israel during the 2008 campaign.

“We went to great lengths to keep out of the American presidential elections,” the ambassador insisted.

Mr. Oren said Israel values its relationship with the United States and is proud of its broad bipartisan support in Congress.

He praised Israel’s anti-missile defense system, called “Iron Dome,” noting that it is the only such system tested in combat when it shot down scores of rockets fired by Hamas during the recent conflict.

The ambassador also cited Israel’s “robust economy” as a reason to see a brighter future. The economy is growing about 3 percent and exports are soaring, especially to China, Russia and Europe.

“We are selling wine to France and caviar to Russia,” he said.

Mr. Oren noted that foreign investors are attracted to Israel because of its stable democracy and well-educated people. “And the food is great,” he added.

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