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John Zito, president of the Maryland Wedding Professionals Association, said he also sees an increase in business around unique dates. Even if a unique date is on a weekday, it’s still a popular time to get married, Mr. Zito explained.

“It’s becoming more popular to have weekday weddings,” he said.

But it’s always been popular to get married on a patterned date, he added. “Anything that’s easy for the groom to remember.”

Monica Anderson, a Rockville resident, understands that concept. She married her husband, McLean, on Nov. 11, 2011.

“It was absolutely purposeful,” Mrs. Anderson said. “We thought about it a year and a half in advance. I’m sure some people have strong feelings for numbers, but it’s a good date to remember.”

The Andersons married in the Virgin Islands on a Friday, which turned into a long weekend for friends who could take off work for the Veterans Day holiday. Ms. Anderson said her father has a terrible memory, but even he can remember that date.

One young man who is celebrating a milestone birthday on 12/12/12 is Wil Hiday. The Vienna, Va., boy turns 12 on Wednesday, and he planned to kick off the momentous occasion with a midnight meal at IHOP.

Wil’s mother, Kim, said her son had been pushing for a late-night birthday party for years, and she and her husband finally relented owing to the significance of her son’s 12th birthday.

Wil said his friends think it’s an interesting birthday, one that might not have happened since he was actually due on Dec. 13.

He realized on his own at about 7 or 8 years old that he would have a repeating date for a birthday.

“I was thinking this is kind of cool,” he said.