In 1965 newlywed Robert Wright was a mechanic working at Kirby Dodge at 10th Street and Fairfax Drive in Arlington.

He and his bride, Shirley, had been discussing a new car, but talk is as far as they had progressed. At work Mr. Wright had seen a picture of the new 1966 Dodge and decided he liked the 1965 model better.

With that decision made, the couple settled on a 1965 Dodge Coronet 440 two-door hardtop, ruby red with a white stripe within the chrome trim on the rear fenders. He insisted on the 426-cubic-inch ‘wedge’ V-8 engine that produces a whopping 365 horsepower while Mrs. Wright, who was going to be the principal driver, was just as adamant that the transmission be automatic.

The 17-foot-long Dodge, which weighs 3,180 pounds, came dressed with a white headliner. Everything else in the cabin was a maroon color regardless of the type of material - vinyl, fabric or carpet.

The chrome-plated windshield frame and 360-degree horn ring add sparkle to the interior.

A set of 8.25x14-inch Goodyear Power Cushion tires mounted on a 117-inch wheelbase support the powerful Dodge.

Optional equipment on the car includes:

*AM radio


*Full wheel covers

*Tinted windshield

*Windshield washers

*Suregrip differential

*Retractable seat belts

*Reverberator speaker

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