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“I’m going on record that I actually enjoy the wind,” he said. “You’ll never hear me complain about it.”

Then, near the end of his remarks, Kingsbury got fans riled up when he turned to Hocutt to ask a question.

“I was going to see if there’s any way possible we can get Cincinnati on the schedule next year?” he said, bringing a roar from the crowd.

One fan who’s watched the Red Raiders since he was about 7 gave up his season tickets the year after Leach’s firing. Jimmie Gowens, who said he might change his mind now, thinks Kingsbury’s hiring will reunite the fan base.

“I think people have finally realized that Leach isn’t coming back,” said Gowens, a retired postal worker. Kingsbury is “going to have to produce within a few years, but I think he will be given a better chance than Tuberville.”