- The Washington Times - Sunday, December 16, 2012


It’s time to have the talk.

You’ve probably spoken to your kids, grandkids and other children on many occasions about the importance of doing the best they can in school, not texting while driving, not talking back to adults and not stealing.

And in an age-appropriate manner, you’ve probably spoken with them about bullying and the birds and the bees, as well as those things that routinely distinguish one of us from another, including homosexuality, weight, hair color, wealth, body piercings, race and ethnicity, and religion and spirituality.

You might have even told them to never ever put their hands on mom or dad’s gun.

But have you had the talk?

The discussion begins with teaching and right from wrong and helps children and other young people distinguish between circumstances that matter and those that do not.

Have you had the talk about what really and truly matters in life — life itself?

The fury unleashed Friday in Newtown, Conn., opens the door wide to such a teachable moment.

Within a couple of hours of learning about the carnage at Sandy Hook Elementary, you probably pondered or asked aloud the usual questions.

Oh good Lord, not again.

At a grade school?

How many are dead? Alive?

Who did it?

What weapon(s)?

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