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Is the gunman dead or alive?

Was he black? White?

Atheist, Jew, Muslim or gentile?

Dropout, college educated or home-schooled?

Loner or extrovert?

How did the gunman acquire the weapon(s)?

Were they stolen or legally bought and registered?

Were Nazi symbols carved in his head? Did he have tattoos?

Even before cameras and microphones relayed the understandably welled-up eyes of President Obama on Friday afternoon, none of that really mattered.

It didn’t matter whether the bloodletting led to loss of life at a traditional, public charter, private or religious school.

Nor did the politics of your preferred media outlet, as reporters, producers and camera crews all had to do the best they could in the immediate aftermath to keep their emotions in check.

The time of day didn’t matter either, although the overwhelming majority of us can relate to what occurs during the first hour or so of what appears to be a typical school day.

In the grand scheme of things, it didn’t matter whether individual households in Newtown went through calamity or calm awakenings.

Whether travel times were punctual or out of sync.

Whether Christmas gifts had been bought and wrapped, or naughty-nice lists were still being written.

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