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However, Wall sounded more fearful than when he addressed the media for the first time in a month.

He talked about trying to heal “without injuring myself and hurting myself for the rest of my career.” He expressed concern that a premature return could result in “probably breaking my knee cap.” He said he wants to join his teammates and play, “but I just want to make sure I’m fully healthy.”

As if those comments aren’t gloomy enough, Wall dropped something that hadn’t been mentioned before: “I had a little bit of cartilage problem underneath my knee cap,” he said. “That’s kind of rough.”

I’m no doctor, and I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn Express recently, but it’s not unusual when cartilage + rough = arthroscopic surgery. If that’s going to be the case eventually, bringing Wall back this season only postpones the inevitable and delays his rehabilitation.

We’ll see how Wall responds to his latest injection and more intense workouts. But barring major improvement over the next several weeks, the Wizards don’t have much to gain from putting Wall on the court.