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Hundreds of prosecutors held a rally Sunday demanding that the new, Morsi-appointed prosecutor general quit, days after he retracted his resignation, claiming it was rendered under pressure.

The prosecutors said in a news conference that they will be on strike until he quits. Scores of lawyers who support Mr. Morsi’s decision held an earlier rally, demanding that the top prosecutor stay, and accusing the opposition of being “thugs.”

One major concern in the aftermath of the constitutional turmoil is Egypt’s deteriorating economy, which has been battered by the two years of turmoil and taken an added hit from renewed violence recently.

“The financial and economic situations are dire,” government spokesman Alaa el-Hadidi said, according to comments published by the state news agency MENA.

With the referendum behind, Mr. el-Hadidi said economic policies must be at the center of attention, adding that the government will work to improve the investment environment to attract foreign investors.