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Some activists said the strike targeted a bakery. Amateur videos posted online showed the bodies of many dead and wounded scattered in a street. The videos appeared to be genuine and corresponded with other AP reporting.

The Observatory said Monday it had collected the names of 40 men and three women killed in Halfaya. The group also reported seeing photos of the dead bodies of 15 more unknown men.

On Sunday, it reported 60 dead.

Rami Abdul-Rahman, the group’s head, said he could not confirm that the attack was an airstrike or that it had targeted a bakery.

Syria’s state news service blamed the attack on “an armed terrorist group” — its shorthand for the rebels — accusing them of filming the aftermath to “frame the Syrian army.”

In the videos, armed rebels are clearly among those tending to the dead and wounded.

In neighboring Lebanon, the state news service said unknown gunmen kidnapped three Syrians and one Lebanese man who were traveling from an area near the Syrian border to the eastern Bekaa Valley.

Syria’s conflict has exacerbated tensions in Lebanon between those who support and oppose the Assad regime. Both sides have dispatched fighters to Syria, and there have been some clashes between the rival sides inside Lebanon itself.