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That best chance would obviously be stringing together a seven-game streak by beating Baltimore, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Dallas to end the regular season.

But the Redskins have excelled in recent weeks at making the cliche “one game at a time” actually mean something, so the focus is on the Ravens. And a short week with little margin for error means there’s no room for overconfidence, either.

“We can’t be complacent, because we don’t have the opportunity to be complacent,” Shanahan said. “Every game, to us, is like a playoff game. We understand that, and our players understand that. You’re hoping that mindset’s there, because if it’s not, you’re out of it very quickly. Hopefully, that’s not the case and you’ve got the character to persevere.”

The Redskins are in this spot despite season-ending injuries to tight end Fred Davis, linebacker Brian Orakpo, safety Brandon Meriweather and defensive end Adam Carriker. Shanahan was waiting for things to come together in the meantime.

It looks like it has happened. But no one is satisfied.

“It feels good, but we have more goals that we want to accomplish,” quarterback Robert Griffin III said. “You can put a check by that one, but there are a lot more goals that this team is stretching for and striving for, and I know that we can definitely achieve them.”