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Help from a haunting musical score cements the somber mood perfectly.

Bonuses and extras, ranging from comic art to trivia, are rewarded for meeting such requirements as saving other survivors or getting through a chapter without a special move or in under a set amount of time.

However, I never capitalized on finishing missions in so few precious minutes. Mr. Kirkman’s world is too cool to appreciate to just speed through the grisly battles.

Another wrinkle to the action involves either avoiding packs of human hunters or deciding to shoot or beat them to death, depending on whether you want their supplies or ammo.

I’ll also remind warriors, each mission can be played over and over again to get all of the rewards with a different combination of characters.

The action also really gets tough after chapter five and remember to not always shoot first because, at any time, the noise can attract a herd of zombies that almost guarantees starting over again.

A nice touch also allows the player to set off objects such as a car’s alarm or use a horse carcass to lure batches of lurkers into one location for either a quick escape or, much more satisfying massacre.

The Walking Dead: Assault arrives at a ridiculous price and offers a surprisingly complex set of real time strategy scenarios celebrating the goriest moments of the pop culture franchise.

Better yet, it’s just a starting point for future downloadable episodes following the comic’s timeline (“Fear the Hunters” and “Safety Behind Bars”) and teases eventual access to legendary characters such as the Samurai sword wielding Michonne.

Additionally, comic book readers will love the easy access to buy the actual digital versions of the sequential art series from the game. I highly recommend enjoying the trade paperbacks in this format for those wanting to admire the art or having reached the reading glasses phase of their life.