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Democrats in Virginia have accused their GOP counterparts of honing their sights on such socially conservative legislation while the state’s two-year, $85 billion budget and economic picture loom as other top priorities.

Mr. McDonnell, though, downplayed the number of bills that have been introduced, saying that Republicans are still following through on issues they campaigned on, such as job growth and economic development.

“Now listen, I know the Democrats are trying to make hay, unfortunately, out of some socially conservative bills, but … these are bills that get put in every year,” he said. “The question is, what’s actually going to pass. I think Republicans - you wouldn’t expect any less than them sticking to their guns and doing things that they said they’re going to do. So, I think we are focusing on the big things that affect Virginia, which is jobs, taxes, regulation, government reform … that’s what we’re working [on].”