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“Justice and the rule of law is what people demonstrated for in front of the courthouse in Benghazi a year ago. They still want that, and it has not been delivered,” she said.

In Benghazi, residents celebrated by honking car horns and waving the red, green and black flag used in Libya before the Gadhafi regime replaced it with a solid green banner.

However, many residents of Libya’s second-largest city said they are still suspicious of the transitional government because it includes some members once loyal to the dictator.

“The question is whether the regime has fallen or is it still there,” said Abdel Salam El Sherif, 33, a lawyer and political activist.

“Gadhafi is dead, but the system he created and its people are still there. The NTC has lost its credibility with the people.”

• Mike Elkin in Benghazi contributed to this report.