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Ashish Kumar Sen

Ashish Kumar Sen

Ashish Kumar Sen is a reporter covering foreign policy and international developments for The Washington Times.

Prior to joining The Times, Mr. Sen worked for publications in Asia and the Middle East. His work has appeared in a number of publications and online news sites including the British Broadcasting Corp., Asia Times Online and Outlook magazine.


Articles by Ashish Kumar Sen

Egyptian women mourn after a judge  sentenced to death 683 alleged supporters of the country's ousted Islamist president over acts of violence and the murder of policemen in the latest mass trial in the southern city of Minya, Egypt, Monday, April 28, 2014. Under the law, Monday's verdicts in Minya have to be referred to Egypt's Grand Mufti, the top Islamic official, said one of the attorneys, Ahmed Hefni. (AP Photo/Ahmed Gomaa)

Egypt judge sentences 683 Islamists to death over Morsi-tied violence

The Obama administration and the U.N. reacted with alarm on Monday after an Egyptian judge sentenced the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and more than 680 others to death for inciting and committing violence that led to the death of one police officer. Published April 28, 2014

Jan Schuitema, wife of Dr. Jerry Umanos, discusses her husband's work in Afghanistan on Thursday in Chicago. Dr. Umanos, a pediatrician, was killed when an Afghan security guard opened fire Thursday at a Kabul hospital. (associated press)

Doctor’s killing in latest Afghanistan attack puts NGOs in crosshairs

Civil-society organizations that are providing crucial services, particularly in health and education, are being forced to shutter or scale back their operations in Afghanistan in the wake of a spike in violence that has claimed the lives of Westerners, including three Americans in Kabul on Thursday. Published April 24, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry announces the launch of second Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review during a speech at the State Department in Washington, Tuesday, April 22, 2014.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Kerry accuses Moscow of fomenting Ukraine unrest

Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Tuesday complained to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about an increase in Moscow-backed separatists' activities in Ukraine as that country's top state security official accused Russian military intelligence officers of fomenting the unrest. Published April 22, 2014

Ukrainian army troops set up a position at an airport in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, Tuesday, April 15, 2014. In the first Ukrainian military action against a pro-Russian uprising in the east, government forces clashed Tuesday with about 30 armed gunmen at a small airport in Kramatorsk. (AP Photo/Sergei Grits)

Amid clashes, White House nixes ‘lethal’ Ukraine aid

The White House said Tuesday that President Obama will not send lethal military equipment to Ukraine, even as the new pro-Western government in Kiev began a counteroffensive to recapture ground in eastern Ukraine that had been occupied by pro-Russian militia forces. Published April 15, 2014

In this Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014 photo provided by the office of the Iranian President, Hamid Aboutalebi, an Iranian diplomat, who was recently named as Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, speaks at his office in Tehran, Iran. Iran has no plans to name a new diplomat to the United Nations, its Foreign Ministry said Saturday April 12, 2014, after the United States blocked its pick in a rare rebuke that could stir fresh animosity at a time when the two countries have been seeking a thaw in relations. The Obama administration said Friday that the U.S. had informed Iran it would not grant a visa to Hamid Aboutalebi, a member of the group responsible for the 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. (AP Photo/Iranian Presidency Office, Mohammad Berno)

U.S. rebukes Iran’s U.N. envoy pick over 1979 embassy attack

The State Department on Tuesday for the first time explicitly linked Iran's pick to serve at the United Nations to the 1979 U.S. Embassy hostage crisis, saying this was the reason he will not be granted a U.S. visa. Published April 15, 2014

House follows Senate in passing bill to bar Iran’s U.N. pick

Congress on Thursday passed legislation that would bar an Iranian official linked to the 1979-81 hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran from serving as his country's ambassador to the United Nations in New York. Published April 10, 2014

Secretary of State John F. Kerry defends the Obama administration's response to Russia's moves on eastern Ukraine during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. (Associated Press Photographs)

Amid growing unrest, GOP presses for arming Ukraine

The Western-backed interim government in Kiev struggled to control mobs of pro-Moscow demonstrators in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, as congressional Republicans pressed the Obama administration to take more robust action to deter a Russian military invasion of the nation. Published April 8, 2014

Cautious: "We are still stuck in the beginning of the process," Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis says about unification talks. (Associated Press)

Negotiator says U.S. was wrong to back U.N. plan for Cyprus in 2004

NEWSMAKER INTERVIEW: The U.S. erred in backing a U.N. plan for unifying Cyprus as a federation of two states instead of allowing the Turkish and Greek camps to work out an agreement on their own, the Greek Cypriot negotiator told The Washington Times. Published April 8, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, April 8, 2014, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss his budget and the status of diplomatic hot spots. Lawmakers' questions focused on Russia, Ukraine, Iran and Syria. Kerry, a former chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, threatened Russia with tougher economic sanctions if it fails to back down from its chaotic involvement in Ukraine. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

John McCain blasts John Kerry in heated Senate hearing

"My hero, Teddy Roosevelt, used to say, talk softly but carry a big stick. What you're doing is talking strongly and carrying a very small stick — in fact, a twig," McCain said to Kerry. Published April 8, 2014

**FILE** In this Nov. 9, 1979, file photo, one of the hostages being held at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran is displayed to the crowd, blindfolded and with his hands bound, outside the embassy. Fifty-two of the hostages endured 444 days of captivity.  (AP Photo/File)

U.S. troubled by Iran U.N. nominee with hostage crisis ties

The State Department said on Wednesday that it is troubled by reports that Iran has picked as its ambassador to the United Nations a man who is believed to have participated in the 1979 hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Published April 2, 2014

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas taks to journalists during a press conference on the sidelines of the Arab League Summit at Bayan Palace, Kuwait on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.(AP Photo/Nasser Waggi)

Mideast peace bid stalls amid Abbas maneuver

Secretary of State John F. Kerry's full-court press to revive the Middle East peace process appeared to be floundering on Tuesday with the cancellation of a meeting between the secretary and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who applied to join 15 international agencies in a move strenuously opposed by the U.S. and Israel. Published April 1, 2014