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He’s also created healthy lunch recipes that are available to school lunch programs in the U.S. with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Part of his appeal as a spokesman for healthy eating is that kids “are such avid viewers of iCarly,” he said.

At one school he recently visited in West New York, New Jersey, Alexander was asked what his favorite vegetable was _ carrots. For the rest of the week the students at the school wanted to eat carrots during lunch. The school chef had to order more to keep up with demand.

“These questions are an insight into what they are focusing on,” he said. “It proves they care, there’s a curiosity.”

Alexander went to a brick-and-mortar school until the seventh grade. He now attends a virtual school. Though he is no longer lining up at the cafeteria for lunch, he said he still can relate to the younger generation.

“I still have a sensibility of what these kids are facing,” he said. “This is something I understand.”