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Candidate drops degree from website biography

JEFFERSON CITY — A Missouri gubernatorial candidate has changed a claim on his campaign website that he earned a college degree in economics.

The changes come after Dave Spence acknowledged earlier this week that it may have been misleading to state in his original online biography that he earned an economics degree — without originally noting that it was in home economics.

On Thursday, the Republican’s website first was changed to remove any reference to a degree, stating merely that he attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. Later in the day, the website was changed again to state that he majored in family economics and management and earned a bachelor’s of science degree in home economics.

Mr. Spence is seeking to challenge Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, in this year’s elections.


Kerrey mulling comeback, revives Democratic hopes

OMAHA — More than a decade after he left Nebraska for New York City, former Sen. Bob Kerrey, a Democrat, is considering an improbable comeback run for his old Senate seat.

It’s a prospect even he rates as a long shot.

Mr. Kerrey said he’d bet against himself, but he’s giving the race consideration during a visit to Nebraska this week. The former senator would provide an instant jolt to the race to replace Sen. Ben Nelson, a Democrat who is retiring at the end of his term.

How the Nebraska Senate race unfolds is pivotal for both parties: Republicans need to net four seats in the 2012 election to take back the Senate. If Kerrey doesn’t make the race, Republicans are extremely confident they’ll have one of the four seats they need.


Young voters propel Paul’s campaign

MANCHESTER — Young voters in the Republican presidential race are flocking to a 76-year-old great-grandfather who gives eye-glazing speeches on monetary policy and disappears from the campaign trail for days at a time to rest.

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