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‘Bootylicious’ horsefly named after Beyonce

A newly discovered horsefly in Australia was so “bootylicious” with its golden-haired bum, there was only one name worthy of its beauty: Beyonce.

Previously published results from Bryan Lessard, a 24-year-old researcher at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, were announced recently. The species had been sitting in a fly collection since it was captured in 1981 - the same year pop diva Beyonce was born.

He said he wanted to pay respect to the insect’s beauty by naming it Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae.

Mr. Lessard said Beyonce would be “in the nature history books forever” and that the fly now bearing her name is “pretty bootylicious” with its golden backside.

“Bootylicious” was the title of a song by Beyonce’s previous group, Destiny’s Child.

Mr. Lessard said he hasn’t heard from Beyonce, who recently gave birth to her first child, but he is a fan and said he hopes she will take his scientific gesture as a compliment. He also said the name was picked to help draw attention to the importance of his field and the need for more researchers to catalog and study insects.

Penn’s humanitarian group raises $5 million for Haiti

A publicist said $5 million was raised in Los Angeles for actor Sean Penn’s humanitarian group based in Haiti.

The money will go toward Mr. Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization, which he set up a few months after the 2010 earthquake to oversee a settlement camp where thousands of people displaced by the disaster lived.

Mr. Penn also was named “ambassador at large to Haiti” by Haitian Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Lamothe at the Saturday event in Beverly Hills, which was attended by celebrities and Cheryl Mills, chief of staff to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton,.

Haiti marked the two-year anniversary of the massive earthquake last week with a string of quiet services and news conferences.

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