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It marked the second time in five months that Colorado residents said they didn’t get calls to pack up and flee as flames raced toward their homes.

Officials in El Paso and Teller counties were trying to determine why two-thirds of the 32,000 affected residents did not receive calls during the Waldo Canyon fire that began on June 23.

Nearly 10,000 attempts to reach residents in Colorado Springs were abandoned after the calls were not completed, and more than 11,000 calls were not answered, according to records obtained by KMGH-TV.

Cassidian Communications, the reverse-notification provider, said some calls were not completed because of heavy volume. Phone company officials said their phones were working fine at the time.

A spokesman for El Paso/Teller County E911 said his agency wants to know why some calls went through and others did not, and he intends to hold meetings to discuss the problem.


Governor spares killer of store owner

COLUMBUS — Gov. John Kasich has spared the condemned killer of a convenience-store owner whose execution was opposed by the prosecutor who had pushed for a death sentence and a judge who meted it out.

Those opposing the July 26 execution of John Eley included the detective who investigated the 1986 killing of store owner Ihsan Aydah.

Records show Eley, 63, refused to testify against his alleged conspirator, Melvin Green, in exchange for a deal that would have removed the death penalty.

Former Mahoning County prosecutor Gary Van Brocklin has said he tried repeatedly to get Eley to testify against Green, considered the mastermind of the shooting in Youngstown.

Former Mahoning County sentencing Judge Peter Economus, now a federal judge, also opposes Eley’s execution.


Episcopal Church approves blessing of gay unions

Episcopalians approved a churchwide ceremony Tuesday to bless same-sex couples, the latest decisive step toward accepting homosexuality by a denomination that nine years ago elected its first openly gay bishop.

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