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The survey asked how voters think the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now in the U.S. should be handled, and found a strong plurality want them to go home without being offered a special path to citizenship from within the U.S.

Overall, 49 percent said illegal immigrants should be “given a chance to get their affairs in order [and] then sent home, where they can apply to return through regular immigration channels.” That’s up 4 percentage points from the last TWT/JZ Analytics Poll in May.

Support for a pathway to citizenship from within the U.S. dropped 4 points, down to 29 percent, while a third option — letting illegal immigrants stay in the U.S. but without the chance for citizenship — was static at about 9 percent.

Both Republicans and self-identified independents strongly favored having illegal immigrants go home, while Democrats were more likely to want a path to citizenship.

Mr. Obama has called for a path to citizenship and last month issued a directive canceling deportations for most illegal immigrants age 30 and under.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has staked out the strictest immigration-enforcement platform of any major-party candidate in recent years, praising state laws such as Arizona’s and calling for stricter enforcement at the federal level.

He has said, however, that he would allow illegal immigrants who join the U.S. military to be offered a path to citizenship.